The History of Wishaw, PA

Located in Winslow township, Jefferson county, Pennsylvania.  This site provides a basic history of the former mining town, gives you background information from some of Wishaw's most prominent citizens, and answers frequently asked questions.  For example, the 1940 Soccer Championship team was from Wishaw, the 2nd largest soft coal mine in Pennsylvania was in Wishaw, and an Italian speaking community resided in Wishaw.  So read on, and contact me if you have comments, suggestions, or additional information!

Welcome to Wishaw, PA

Wishaw’s Origin

In 1901 the R & P Coal company changed the name of this town when they opened the first coal mine.  Originally known as Trout Run, Wishaw was a large lumber provider settled by Scottish and English immigrants.  Today you will notice Trout Run is a local stream.  The translation for Iselin’s town of Wishaw is “Willow Wood.”

This site was originally created on March 01, 2005.